Sunday October 8, 2017

St. Paul United Church of Christ

24158 Goddard Road, Taylor, Michigan 48180-0190

Rev. Dr. Geoffrey G. Drutchas - Senior Pastor

Pastor Cheryl Schalm - Minister of Christian Education

 Mr. Tracy Hoffman - Director of Music

Mrs. Sally Sigman - Organist

Ms. Cindy Romas - Administrative Assistant for Member Services


Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost                                                          October 8, 2017

Healing Service

Celebration of Worship 9:00 & 10:30 a.m.   

Nursery care available 

    SILENT PRAYER (Silent reverence is invited)

    PRELUDE  Mrs. Sally Sigman, Organist


    CALL TO WORSHIP/MOMENT OF SILENCE  Rev.  Dr. Geoffrey G. Drutchas

  *OPENING HYMN 558  “Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us,” Tracy Hoffman,  

    Hymn Leader 

  *UNISON INVOCATION  Pastor Drutchas & Congregation

    O God, we gather in this sacred space to rediscover our faith and to seek healing

    and renewal.  Bless us with your loving presence and strengthen us in body and

    spirit that we might have all the stamina we need to be your devoted servants in

    the world.    Amen.



    SPECIAL MOMENT  “Simple Gifts Inivitation,”  Pam Lange

    CELEBRATION OF MUSIC  “Christ, the Healer,”  Tracy Hoffman, Soloist (9), 

    “Here I Am, Lord,”  Chancel Choir (10:30)

     BLESSING OF BLANKETS  Sharon Leonard and Sew ‘n Sews (Sewing Guild)

   *HYMN No. 561  “It Is Well with My Soul” vs. 1, 2, 4


*Congregation standing

SCRIPTURE READING Matthew 15:21-28 Lectors:  Cheryl Kincaid (9), 

     Jeanne Edwards (10:30)

 *HYMN No. 564  “He Touched Me”

   SACRAMENT OF HOLY BAPTISM  Case/ Giancecchi Family (10:30)



     Praise God from whom all blessings flow;

     Praise Him all creatures here below;

     Praise Him above ye heavenly host;

     Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.  Amen.

   SERMON  “Our Always – Giving God,”  Pastor Drutchas

   MORNING PRAYER  (Strength, Healing, Thanks)

   ANTHEM  “There is a Balm in Gilead,”  Kathy Williams, Dulcimer


      (Members and friends of the congregation who wish to be anointed for healing

        are invited to come forward to the chancel steps.)

   LORD’S PRAYER (debts/debtors)

 *CLOSING HYMN  No. 562  “Because He Lives”


 *POSTLUDE (Please remain seated in your pews as the service closes

        and all candles are extinguished)


HANDICAP ACCESSIBLE RESTROOMS AND CHANGING ROOM SPACE is available through the side door at the east rear of the sanctuary just before the entrance to our new “Family Room”.  Please alert the ushers if you need assistance.


of service are available.  Tune listening devices to channel 105.5 FM.  

CELL PHONES & PAGERS should be turned off or set to vibrate.


Any one desiring to unite with St. Paul United Church of Christ by transfer of member-

ship or profession of faith is invited to contact Pastor Geoffrey Drutchas.


“Our mission at St. Paul United Church of Christ is to promote God’s plan of salvation in our church family and community. Knowing that all blessings come from God, we seek to share these in the church universal and proclaim God’s good news of His love and compassion, bringing together all people in Jesus Christ.”


Council:  Diane Poet (9), Beverley Gunther (10:30) 

Deacon:  Al Gunther (9), Dee Salsbury (10:30)

Acolyte:  Luke Frazier (10:30)

Ushers: Cheryl Kincaid, Katie Kincaid, Sam Kincaid, Nichole McNeely (9),

DeAnna Frazier, Luke Frazier, Rachel Frazier, Jennette Wackro (10:30)  



Calendar Week  October 8  -- October 15

Sunday        Worship Service 9:00 & 10:30 a.m – Rev. Geoffrey Drutchas –
Giancecchi Family Baptism 10:30 a.m./ Sunday School 10:30 a.m./ Children’s Choir 11:30 a.m.  

Monday       Matter of Balance 12 Noon/ Exercise-Enhanced Fitness 2:00 p.m.

Tuesday       Bible Study 10:00 a.m./ Council 7:30 p.m.

Wednesday Exercise/ Enhanced Fitness Class 2:00 p.m./ Handbell Rehearsal 6:00 p.m./ 

                     Choir Rehearsal 7:00 p.m./ Confirmation Class 7:00 p.m.

Thursday    Women’s Fellowship 12:30 p.m./ Thirsty Thursday 7:00 p.m./ Dorcas 7:00

Saturday     Gospel Concert-St. Leo’s, Detroit 5:30 p.m.

Sunday        Worship Services 9:00 & 10:30 a.m. – Rev. Geoffrey Drutchas –

                     ChristNet Hosting Week/ Sunday School 10:30 a.m./ Children’s Choir 11:30



  Taylor, Michigan - (313) 291-1221 



  Rev. Dr. Geoffrey G. Drutchas, Senior Pastor

  Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost/ October 8, 2017



 Your prayers are requested for the following church members and friends: Marjie Barnard, Megan Barnosky, Nancy Cady (Southshore Beaumont), Phill Felske, Sharon Ferguson, Debbie Hamilton, Dorothy Kaczmarek, David King, Rev. Bill Kren, Ilene Krogman (Applewood, Woodhaven), Joe Mayfield, Shirlen Powell, Sandi Rose, Eleanor Rossi, David Schmoekel, Dennis Schmoekel, Beverly Sitz, Kevin Staffeld, Mary Lou Staffeld, David Staten (brother-in-law, Peggy Staten), and Carol Wioncek. Please contact the church office if your family member or friend needs to be listed longer than three weeks or their health has been restored.


   ALTAR FLOWERS celebrate the baptism of Paxton Alexander Case from Grandparents Dan & Debbie Case and Great-Grandmother, Helen St. Louis.

  honors the 73rd birthday of Arlene Felske.


   BAPTIZED UNTO THE LORD, Paxton Alexander Case, born February 22, 2017 to

   Ashely Giancecchi & Christopher Case and baptized Sunday, October 8, 2017.  St. Paul

   Grandparents are Debbie & Dan Case. St. Paul Great-Grandmother is Helen St. Louis.


  NEW MEMBERS WILL BE WELCOMED Sunday, October 22, 2017 (date change).

  Those interested in joining St. Paul United Church of Christ are encouraged to contact

  Pastor Geoff Drutchas at the church office (313.291.1221) or complete a Make-A-Wish

  card (found in the pew racks) and drop it in an offering plate or give it to any Usher.


      CHILDREN’S CHOIR will gather in the West Room after the 10:30 a.m. service. to

      practice our songs.  All children up to and including 6th grade are invited to join.  All

      interested children should gather in the West Room at 11:30 a.m.  If you have any

      questions or concerns, please contact Children’s Choir Director, Sally Sigman.  Looking

      forward to seeing you in children’s choir!

would like to extend a special “THANK YOU” to all the people who volunteered to work the Fall Rummage Sale. Beautiful weather and many donated items contributed to a successful sale.  Anyone interested in joining either organization should contact the Church office at (313) 291-1221 or complete a Make-a-Wish card (found in the pew racks).


COFFEE HOUR DRINK SPILL HAVE BECOME A CONCERN.  Please help us avoid drink spills.  Lids are provided during our Coffee Hour for your beverages if you would like to leave the hall with your drink.  We have noticed many areas in the building where beverages were spilled. We would like to keep our building looking nice as we can.  Your help is greatly appreciated.  Thank You, St. Paul Building & Grounds Ministry

 Christian Education will be sponsoring their annual “Advent by Candlelight” program on Sunday, Dec. 3, from 6:45-8:45 PM.  This is where one woman hosts a table and asks about 7 other ladies to join her for an advent program, fellowship and dessert.  There will be a sign-up sheet during coffee hour through October and November, or you can email Debbie Case  It is quite easy to be a hostess and I will have envelopes for each hostess with all the information.  There will be another sign-up sheet for ladies that do not want to host a table but would like to attend.  We will do our best to find a place for every lady that would like to attend.   Deadline to sign up is Sunday, Nov. 19th.  I will need to know total numbers at each table by Nov. 26.  The table arrangement is based on the order that you sign your group up by.  I will be unavailable a lot in October, so sign up by emailing me then I can email hostess info to you.


ST. PAUL HOSTS SPAGHETTI DINNER Friday, November 3, 2017 4:30-7:00 p.m.

Please share the word with family and friends and invite them to come.  Cost is Adults:  $10.00, Children (12-5 years) $6.00, 4 and under eat free.  Menu includes:  Pasta with a red sauce or white sauce, salad bar, bread, and desserts.  All proceeds to make up shortage in the general fund.  Advance tickets are available for purchase at Coffee Hour Sunday.


  GOSPEL CONCERT OUTING  Detroit Gospel Theartre, 4800 Grand River, Detroit,

  48208.  We will be car caravanning Saturday, October 14th, 4:30 p.m. departure from St.

  Paul. Tickets are available in the office.  A free will offering is invited.  Please complete a

  Make-A-Wish card (found in the pew racks) and put it in the offering plate or contact the

  Church office.

HEALTH MINISTRIES - Exercise Classes -
Exercise is important to our health. We  

  are doing enhanced fitness at 2:00 p.m. on Mondays & Wednesdays in the West Room  

  beginning October 2nd.  Can be done standing or sitting. Free will love offering is invited to

  offset costs ($3.00 suggested).  Need 10-15 persons to hold the class. A Matter of

  Balance - The next 8-week session class for those having problems with balance or fear of

  falling is scheduled to begin Monday, October 2 at 12:00-2:00 p.m. The last session was  

  well received. Please make out a make a wish card, contact the office or Kathy Williams if

  you are interested or have questions. You need to register prior to class with Kathy at church

  or LaShawn at 800.482.1455. Flyers are available in the West Lobby or see the attachment.   

  Shalom – Chronic disease group meeting. Our next meeting is November 13th at 7 PM.  

  Check the Morning Tide for additional information regarding topics and/or speakers.  

  Health/Medical supplies –If you have or need medical supplies, such as walkers, wheel-

  chairs, please contact our parish nurse, Kathy Williams, or the office.


   THE ANNUAL PILGRIMAGE CHURCH TOUR Wednesday, October 25th.  Five

    historic Detroit churches are on the itinerary.  The tour will depart at 8:15 a.m. and return

    no later than 5:00 p.m. Stops will include three Roman Catholic churches, including St.

    Francis of Assisi and St. Leo’s Church. You may want to bring a pair of binoculars to

    better see some of the stained-glass windows. We will be stopping for lunch at Nemo’s

    Restaurant in Corktown, near the former site of Tiger’s Stadium. Nemo’s allows

    individual checks but does not take credit cards. The cost of the tour is $25—not including

    lunch. You are encouraged to sign up for the tour as soon as possible to assure a seat. For

    more information, contact the church office (313-291-1221). 


    ‘GRAND INQUISITOR’ BOOK DISCUSSION It’s a very short book with a big punch.

    Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s “The Grand Inquisitor,” is a novel within a novel. It will be the

    focus of a Sunday evening book discussion on October 22, 7-8:30 p.m. Ever since        

    publication, “The Grand Inquisitor” has been read as a stand-alone work of art. The

    provocative story-line speculates on what Jesus might have said and done if he had

    returned to earth in the middle of the Spanish Inquisition of the 1500s only to be

    confronted by the Grand Inquisitor. The story and its message is as relevant in 2017 as it  

    was when Dostoyevsky first wrote it more than a hundred years ago.  The book discussion  

    will meet in the church parlor. Copies of “The Grand Inquisitor” will be available for pick-

    up in the church office two weeks in advance. There is no charge for the “book” but

    donations to the church office are always welcomed. To reserve your copy, contact the

    church office (313-291-1221) or complete a Make-A-Wish Card found in the pew racks

    and add it to the morning offering plate.


   Justin Collins (son-in-law of Gerri King),Roy DeBolt (father, Michelle Vignola), Norma  

   Duddy (friend, Doreen Thompson), Mary Fairemont (sister, Richard Wagner), Allison Files

   (granddaughter, John & Barb Smith), Gabriella Gomez (niece, Darlene Babin), Robert Grigg

   (friend, Schalm family),Lyn Haas (cousin, Dawn Vachereese),Lynn Harbin (sister of John

   Smith), Paola Hillebrand (friend, Wendy Warner), Tamsey Hoffman (friend, Sue Mrowka),

   Irene Jacobs (aunt, Sylvia Matney), Kevin Johnson (grandson, Patricia Olson), Stephen

   Johnson (grandson, Patricia Olson), Richard Jones, Justin Kurtz (friend, Chelsey Schalm),

   Joanne LaFleur (daughter, Helene McEachern), Jennifer Lee (granddaughter, Barb Siemers)

   Chris Lunsford (friend, Velma McGee), Courtney Matthews McEarchern, Kim McEachern

   (daughter-in-law, Helene & Neil McEarchern), Nicki Pappas (neighbor, Velma McGee),

   Robert Rider (brother, Virginia Butzlaff), Brian Reid (friend, Sue Mrowka), Judy Robin

   aunt, Lucinda Chavez), Cookie Robinson (sister of Bob Robinson),Trudy Clark-Schiller

  (daughter, April & Steve Clark), Joyce Thompson Smith (sister, the late Harry Thompson),

  Aaron St. Louis (nephew, Marjie & Charlie Barnard), Nicholas Surre (great-grandson, Helene

  McEachern), and Victoria Whitcher (daughter, Cheryl Stewart).


    OUR NEIGHBORS IN NEED OFFERING will be received any Sunday throughout the

   month of October.  This offering is one of our United Church of Christ Special Mission

   Offerings that assists our American Indian Ministries and supports education, justice, peace,

   and the rights of the poor and needy.  Information about the NIN Offering and an envelope

   was included in the October Tidings.  You will also find NIN envelopes in the pew racks.  

   On behalf of the Stewardship of St. Paul … please give generously.  Thank you.


  RED HOT PURPLE ANGELS  October​ ​26​ ​– Thursday ​​,-​ ​Halloween​ ​Bunco​ ​–​ ​6:30​ ​p.m.,​ ​

  West​ ​Room.​ ​Bring​ ​$5.​ ​Bunco is​ ​easy​ ​you​ ​don’t need ​to​ ​know​ ​how​ ​to​ ​play.​ ​Wear​ ​a​ ​costume​ ​

  or​ ​Halloween shirt.​ ​Potluck​ ​dinner,​ ​please​ ​bring​ ​a​ ​dish​ ​to​ ​pass.  November​ ​16​- Thursday ​–​ ​​ ​​

  Russian​ ​Tea​ ​Room,​ ​[The​ Royal​ ​Eagle],​ ​18745​ Old​ ​Homestead,​ ​Harper Woods. MI​ ​48225​ ​​ ​-​

 ​​ ​313.521.1894​ ​Tea​ ​served​ between​ ​11​ ​a.m.​ ​–​ ​ 2​ ​p.m.​ ​Approximately $22​ ​per​ ​person.​ ​Kathy​

  ​Williams​ ​is​ ​the​ ​contact.​ ​Check​ ​the​ ​bulletin​​ board​ ​for​ ​more​ ​info. There​ ​is​ ​a​ ​sign-up​ ​sheet​ ​on​

  ​the​ ​RHPA​ ​Bulletin​ ​Board​ ​for​ ​the​ ​events.​ ​Kathy Williams​ ​is​ ​the​ ​contact.