Sunday March 6, 2016


St. Paul United Church of Christ

24158 Goddard Road, Taylor, Michigan 48180-0190

Rev. Dr. Geoffrey G. Drutchas - Senior Pastor

Pastor Cheryl Schalm - Minister of Christian Education

Mr. Mark Ennis - Director of Music

Mrs. Sally Sigman - Organist

Ms. Cindy Romas - Administrative Assistant for Member Services


Fourth Sunday in Lent                                                                                          March 6, 2016

Celebration of Worship 9:00 & 10:30 a.m.

Nursery care available


    SILENT PRAYER  (Silent reverence is invited)

    PRELUDE   Sally Sigman, Organist


    CALL TO WORSHIP/ MOMENT OF SILENCE  Rev. Dr. Geoffrey Drutchas

 *OPENING HYMN No. 88  “All My Hope on God Is Founded,” Mark Ennis, Hymn Leader

    UNISON INVOCATION  Pastor Drutchas & Congregation

      Almighty and gracious God, who is the creator of all things great and small, who is

      always faithful and whose grace is ever present, we come here today to celebrate the

      gift of salvation that you offer.  We pray that you will give us the ability to see the

      importance of spiritual things and that you will help us to carry on the work of the

      disciples so that others may share the gifts you offer.  Amen.



      CELEBRATION OF MUSIC  “Draw Me Near the Cross,”  Chancel Choir (9),  “Somebody 

           Bigger Than You and I,”  Barbara Schultz, Soloist (10:30)

      SCRIPTURE READING  Ecclesiastes 1:1-15, Luke 12:4-7 Lectors:  Kathy Williams (9), 

    *HYMN No. 82  “His Eye Is on the Sparrow” 


  *HYMN No. 537  “My Hope Is Built”  

    FAITH TESTIMONIALS  Mikayla Black (9), Makenna Martin (10:30)


    SERMON  “Between Freedom and Fate,”  Pastor Drutchas


  *Congregation standing


       HYMN No. 86  “Great Is Thy Faithfulness” 


       Twenty-third Psalm

       Unison Confession of Sin (pew card)

       Invitation of Christ and Prayer of Consecration


           One bread, one body, one Lord of all,

           one cup of blessing which we bless.

           And we, though many through out the Earth,

           we are one body in this one Lord.

       Distribution of the Elements

       Lord’s Prayer (debts/debtors)  


      Praise God from whom all blessings flow;

      Praise him all creatures here below.

      Praise him above ye heavenly host;

      Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.  Amen.       


  *POSTLUDE  (Please remain in your pews as the service closes and until all of

      the candles are extinguished.)



RESTROOMS AND CHANGING ROOM SPACE is available in the East Lobby

which can be reached through the side door at the east front of the sanctuary.  Please

let the ushers know of your need for additional assistance.


of service are available.  

CELL PHONES & PAGERS should be turned off or set to vibrate.  


Any one desiring to unite with St. Paul United Church of Christ by transfer of membership

or profession of faith is invited to contact Pastor Geoffrey Drutchas.




“Hope is a stubborn determination to not allow the hardships of life to

downsize the bigness of God.”    

From Good Things by Kevin Gerald




Taylor, Michigan - (313) 291-1221



Rev. Dr. Geoffrey G. Drutchas, Senior Pastor

Fourth Sunday in Lent

March 6, 2016




“Our mission at St. Paul United Church of Christ is to promote God’s plan of salvation in our church family and community. Knowing that all blessings come from God, we seek to share these in the church universal and proclaim God’s good news of His love and compassion, bringing together all people in Jesus Christ.”



Deacon: Candace Poet (9), Kevin Kittendorf (10:30)  

Council:  Alice Clubb (9), John Smith (10:30)

Acolyte:  Daniel Newton (9), Nicholas Mink (10:30)

Ushers: Daniel Newton, Kaylah Newton, Dee Salsbury, Pam Foresta (9),

Nicholas Mink, Alex Mink, Christine Mink, Tony Rogers (10:30)

Printed copies of most sermons are available in the front vestibule.

Please use pew envelopes to request altar or chancel flowers.


PLEASE JOIN THE ST. PAUL CONGREGATION for light refreshments in our Fellowship 

 Hall between our worship services sponsored by our Christian Education Ministry Members.


 LOVE AND DEEPEST SYMPATHY to Rebecca & Spencer Warren on the loss of Rebecca’s 

 grandfather, George MacDonald, who passed away March 1, 2016.


 HOLY COMMUNION IS OFFERED THIS MORNING.  Our Congregation welcomes to the 

 Lord’s Supper all adult, baptized Christians, regardless of Christian affiliation.  What’s simply 

 asked is that during Holy Communion all participants maintain a reverent silences that affirms

 the dignity of the sacrament. 



Calendar Week March 6 – March 13

Sunday        Worship Service 9:00 & 10:30 a.m. – Rev. Geoffrey Drutchas- Communion- Sunday School 10:30 a.m./ Children’s Choir 11:30 a.m./ Book Discussion 7:00

Monday       Boy Scout Troop 825 7:00 p.m./ Girl Scout Troop 74590 6:00 p.m.

Tuesday       ChristNet 9:30 a.m./ Bible Study 10:30 a.m./ Council 7:30 p.m.    

Wednesday TGIW –Dessert & Beverages 5:30 p.m./ Praise Team 6:30 p.m./ Worship 7:00 p.m./  Confirmation 7:30 p.m./ Choir Rehearsal 7:30 p.m./ Lenten Study 7:30 p.m.    

Thursday    Women’s Fellowship 12:30 p.m.

Friday         Fish Supper Drive-Thru Only 4:00 p.m.

Sunday        Worship Service 9:00 & 10:30 a.m. – Rev. Geoffrey Drutchas – Examination Sunday 9:00 a.m./ Confirmand Breakfast 10:00 a.m./ New Member Welcome/ Sunday School 10:30 a.m./ Children’s Choir 11:30 a.m./ Book discussion 7:00 p.m.


  WOMEN’S FELLOWSHIP meets the second Thursday of the month, March 10, 2016 at 12:30 

  p.m. in our Parlor.  All women of the church are invited to attend.  CAREGIVERS GROUP meets 

  Monday, March 21st at 7:30 p.m. in the Parlor.  If you are a Caregiver please join us. 

SEWING  GUILD meets Thursday, March 17th at 10:00 a.m. in the West Room.


  RED HOT PURPLE ANGELS  Thursday, March 31 Potluck Bunco – 6:30 PM in the West  

  Room. Bring a dish to pass. We will eat first then start Bunco. Bring $5. Bunco is easy you don’t  

  have to know how to play ahead of time. Please bring $5 for yearly dues also. There will be a sign-

  up sheet on the RHPA Bulletin Board. Due to Holy Week, we will meet on the 5th Thursday. Kathy  

  Williams is the contact for this event.


 ONE GREAT HOUR OF SHARING OFFERING.  Sunday, March 6th is the Sunday to receive this offering.  However you may bring your offering any Sunday throughout March.  This offering is one of our United Church of Christ Special Mission Offerings that assists our Christian friends in need worldwide.   It is used in the development of Health, Education, and Agriculture, and with Disaster and Refugee relief.   A brochure about the offering and an envelope was included in your February Tidings.  In addition there will be an article in the March Tidings.  In the event you receive your Tidings by email, you will find “One Great Hour of Sharing” envelopes in the pew racks.   On behalf of the Stewardship of St. Paul … please give generously to those in need.  Remember, “God Is Still Speaking”.     Thank you.


  CHRISTAIN EDUCATION SEEKS BAKED GOODS for annual Fish Dinner Bake Sales. The 

  last 2016” fish dinner will be held March 18th.  C. E. will be hosting a bake sale to benefit Christion 

  Education programs and events.  Baked goods will be needed for the sale.  We thank you in

  advance for your consideration to bake and support these efforts.  All items are greatly 

  appreciated and can be dropped off prior to the dinner or on the day of the dinner.



Your prayers are requested for the following church members and friends: Judy Albright, Harmon Beekman, Nancy Cady, Debbie Case, Irene Church, Miles Church, Steve Clark, Dave Cowper, Jim Ennis, Phill Felske, Moses Flomo, Ryan Grant, Bob Harry, Doris Hilliker, Diane Hines, Ilene Krogman, Marilyn Kunkle, Leo Kuschel, Rosemarie Laslo, Sharon Leonard, Lila Miller, Mary Miller, Lauren Moritz-Magyar, Murl Nieman, Amber Ostrowski,  Shirlen Powell, Sandra Rose, Melissa Rossi, Jennifer Ruffner, Dennis Schmoekel, Bev Sitz, Bettie Slusher, Barbara Sullivan, Brenda Tank, Beverly Traver, Carol Wioncek, and Emily Winter. Please contact the church office if your family member or friend needs to be listed longer than three weeks or their health has been restored.

ANNUAL EASTER EGG HUNT & PARTY Sunday, March 20thOur Annual Easter Egg Hunt & Easter story will be hosted by the Sunday School Staff and held during the Sunday School hour on

Palm Sunday, March 20th.  The children will share the Easter story, decorate eggs and cookies and hunt for Easter eggs (outdoors, weather permitting).  We are inviting donations of wrapped candy to help off-set the cost of filling the Easter eggs.  If you are interested in helping with the party, making a donation or have further questions, please contact Sheri Herkimer or Pastor Cheryl Schalm.

SPRING RMMAGE SALE DONATIONS BEGIN April 4thDonations should be clean and in a good state of repair.  Donated items will stored in the Fellowship Hall.  Blue Jean Sunday is April 24th.  Our Spring Rummage Sale is April 28, 29, & 20th.  Please complete a Make-A-Wish card or contact any Women’s Fellowship member to volunteer.


EASTER LILY ORDERS ARE NOW BEING TAKEN.  If you would like to provide an Easter Lily in honor or in memory of a loved one this Easter season, please complete the form below and drop it in an offering plate or hand it to an usher.  Cost is $8.00 each. We will place them in the Chancel area and they may be taken home after the Easter worship service on Sunday, March 27thOrders and payments are due by Sunday, March 20thA list of this providing lilies will be printed the Sunday Bulletin.  Any plants left will be donated to local hospitals/ care facilities. 


I/ We would like to order a Lily (ies) to be placed in the Chancel area for Easter.


In honor of:  _____________________________________________________________________


In memory of: ____________________________________________________________________


From:  __________________________________________________________________________


Contact number: __________________________Number of lilies: _________ Amt due: _________



PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR CONGREGATIONS’S PARENTS: Michael Bailey (father of Christie Smart), Jan Filpus (mother of Julia-Joy Miller), Carol Kuhn (mother-in-law of Lori Kuhn), and Cheryl Schwab (mother of Mary Hard & Christine Schwab). 


HEALTH MINISTIES –. Shalom-Chronic Disease Ministries - Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at 7 PM in the Parlor. Monday March 14, at 1 PM and/or 7 PM is the next meeting.  The topic is auto-immune diseases. We will also take time to share our usually concerns about cancer and chronic diseases. The April meeting(s) will be on the 11th.  A Matter of Balance for those having problems with balance or a fear of falling is scheduled to begin Monday, April 4th, 2016 12:45pm to 2:45p for 8 weeks.    Class size needs to be at least 8 participants with a max of 15. We did not have enough participants to hold the Diabetic PATH program. This program will be offered at St Thomas Episcopal Church in Trenton on Tuesdays from 6- 8:30 PM, April 16 May 24.  PATH is sponsored by the National Kidney Foundation and Senior Alliance. Personal Action Toward Health (PATH) is designed to provide skills and tools to help people living with long-term health problems to live a healthier life. It is a fun, interactive, six week workshop led by certified leaders. Are you diabetic or have a loved one who is? Please register for this class.  To register call Beaumont at 800.543.9355 or LaShawn Griffin at (800) 482-1455. Cooking Matters EXTRA for Diabetes workshop is a 6 week interactive program with hands-on presentations that demonstrate the link between nutrition and health, affordable healthy eating, meal planning and cooking tips for persons with diabetes 2. Free groceries are provided. The program will be offered free of charge at Our Lady of Angels, 6442 Pelham Rd., in Taylor from 6-8 PM April 7 – May 12. You must register at 800.543.9355.  Flyers are available on the coffee table in the west lobby. Exercise Classes - Exercise is important to our health. If there is enough interest we may do Zumbato a DVD. - If you are interested, please complete a Make-a-Wish card and put it in the offering plate or contact the church office. CPR/First Aid Class –Ideally we would like two persons from each church group or committee to take a First-aid/CPR class. This will allow someone to be able to be a capable first-responder to an injured person during church activities. Those persons wanting to take the an initial CPR/First aid class or have a card older than two years can get carded through the American Heart Association. Changes have been made at the national level. CPR/First aid class takes about 8 hours.   If you are interested in becoming certified please place a Make a-Wish card in the offering plate.  If you have further questions, contact Kathy Williams.  Health/Medical supplies –If you have or need medical supplies, such as walkers, wheelchairs, unopened packages of diapers, diabetic supplies, etc., please contact Kathy Williams.


PLEASE REMEMBER to complete a kitchen check list and put it in the Trustees box in the West Room after your Ministry has used the kitchen.  Completed check lists are not being received on a regular basis as they should be.  Blank forms are located on the cupboard door near the large coffee pot.


ONLINE WEEKLY YOUTH BIBLE STUDY All youth (6-12 grades) interested in participating in a weekly online Bible study are asked to send Pastor Schalm their email address. Each Monday a topic affecting young people will be addressed and discussed according to scripture versus pop culture. Youth will have the opportunity to share their insights throughout the week on the subject as their schedules permit. This is a great opportunity to stay connected and to grow in the knowledge of Christ despite a hectic schedule. All communication will be done through a group email. All interested should send their email address to


PALM SUNDAY marks the beginning of Holy Week and Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem.  St. Paul members and friends will be receiving Palms and a personal blessing at the end of the morning worship services on Sunday, March 20th, 9:00 & 10:30 a.m.  Worshippers will be invited to step up to the front of the church for their palms using the side aisles.  Worshippers will then depart using the center aisle without returning to their pews.


GOOD FRIDAY BRUNCH TICKETS now available.  For ticket purchases see the Kiosk during Coffee Hour on Sunday mornings or contact the church office (313-291-1221).  Cost is a $5.00 donation.  Brunch will be served in the Jerusalem Café (West Room) beginning at 11:00 a.m. followed by a Good Friday service at 12 noon.  Women’s Fellowship is once again hosting Good Friday Brunch.


READERS ARE INVITED to assist with the Good Friday service which will be held March 25th at 12 noon. Good Friday lectors will participate in a liturgy based on the psalms and the gospels.  Copies of lecturing materials will be available at least on week prior to the service.  Those interested in volunteering, please notify the church office and Pastor Geoffrey Drutchas by completing a Make-A-Wish card from the sanctuary pew racks and drop it in the morning offering plate.  No previous lecturing experience in necessary.


BUILDING & GROUNDS MINISTRY HOSTS GALA EASTER BREAKFAST.  St. Paul members and friends will be able to enjoy a gala Easter Breakfast in a beautifully decorated Fellowship Hall once again this year, all thanks to the efforts of our congregation’s Building & Grounds Ministry.  The Easter breakfast will be served on Easter Morning, Sunday, March 27th from 8:00 – 9:30 a.m.  The menu includes scrambled eggs, French toast, pork sausage, bacon, sweetbreads, juice, and coffee – all freshly prepared.  The Easter breakfast is a great occasion for families and friends to gather for a meal on Christianity’s most holy day.  Free will donations to help cover the cost of the breakfast are invited and appreciated.

  CHILDREN’S CHOIR meets immediately following our 10:30 a.m. worship service.  We will            

  gather upstairs at the Welcome Center.  All children are invited.  Our “Praise Choir” meets on     

  Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m.  All youth are invited.  For more information, please contact

  Sally Sigman, Director.


TREE OF FAITH MEMORIALS INVITED Our “Tree of Faith” offers opportunities to  

permanently memorialize or commemorate people and events of our lives that we cherish.   

Dedication cards (found in the pew racks) allow 3 lines of engraving with twenty characters

possible on each line.  The cost of each burnished gold leaf is $300.  All proceeds support our  

“Room With a View” project.


PETE’S PLACE DINER REWARDS program benefits St. Paul.  The program runs off a phone

number.  When you settle your bill let the cashier know you want to participate in the Diner  

Rewards program. Leave St. Paul’s phone number (313-291-1221) and for every $50.00 spent,

Pete’s Place will donate $5.00 to St. Paul.  The program is available at both restaurant locations.   

For more information please speak with your server or contact the church office.  Enjoy a  

wonderful meal and benefit St. Paul!