Don't Miss These Events!

Don't Miss These Events!

"I was glad when they said to me, 'Let us go into the house of the Lord.'"
                                                                                --Psalm 122:1


Being a part of the church, the body of Christ, is a way of life. Participating in church every week is so important for our spiritual well-being. Yet sometimes, even if we attend church worship regularly, donot1c.jpgwe miss out for one reason or another on some of the best "extracurricular" celebrations that are a part of the joy of being together in Jesus Christ at St. Paul United Church. Each is a great opportunity to make new friends in Christ. Mark your calendar in advance for these annual events:

Rally Sunday

On the Sunday following the Labor Day holiday in September, our congregation gets back on track with two Sunday morning services. This is an opportunity to greet people you've missed because of vacation. The start of another Sunday School season is also at the heart of our Rally Sunday celebration. A registration table for our Christian education program is ready to welcome you and all children upstairs. An exciting morning program, often featuring special guests, always follows.

Annual Women's Retreat

retreat.jpgEach fall as the leaves change colors, the women of our congregation head off for a weekend retreat. It's a time for prayer, meditation, and taking stock of where God is leading us. Getting away can often help us get much-needed perspective,especially when we're in good company where faith can be shared and celebrated. Dorcas Society members do the planning for the retreat event which is open to all women of our church. Past retreats have been held on the shores Lake Erie and the rolling hills of southern Michigan. Retreat reservations are made mid-summer. Retreat information is announced through the monthly church newsletter and the Sunday morning worship bulletin.

Fall/Spring Rummage Sales

In mid-September and mid-April, our church community begins
checking its closetssale.jpg for items that can be donated to the fall and spring rummage sales. Each time around a full week and practically the entire first floor of the church (excluding our sanctuary) are set aside to both set up and host the rummage sale, which is one of the largest in the Taylor community. Clothing, jewelry, books, records, household goods, and furniture are all sorted, priced, and displayed for sale. There's even a "French Room" for nicer items, many brand new. The rummage sales are not only recycling events which affirm our responsibility to be good stewards in Christ: they also provide an inexpensive shopping opportunity for a lot of families who have smaller pocketbooks. Items are purposely priced to be affordable. All funds raised go to support the church in various ways. Come shop. Come volunteer.

ChristNet Shelter Week

Every year our congregation hosts the ChristNet Warming Center, an emergency shelter for the homeless which we were instrumental in getting started. Up to 30 guests are provided a place to sleep overnight, plus three meals--a hot supper, a breakfast, and a brown bag lunch to go. Our ChristNet host week can vary from year to year but it's usually in October or November. Nighttime hosts are needed (each night has two shifts). So is food. At the end of the weeks linens need to be laundered and all mattresses and other equipment has to be transported to the next host site. You can help. Consider volunteering as our church members get involved in a caring, hands-on ministry.

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