Prayers for Political Leadership

July 2, 2013

Invocation delivered by the Rev. Dr. Geoffrey G. Drutchas at the opening of the City Council meeting, Taylor, Michigan

O God of Wisdom and Truth, as this City Council gathers to deliberate and decide on matters so important to the present and future well-being of Taylor, bless and guide its members through the grace of your spirit.  Help them each to set aside petty concerns that together they might best serve the common good of Taylor residents and honor the purposes for which they were elected.  In your name, we pray.  Amen.


July 17, 2012

Invocation delivered by the Rev. Dr. Geoffrey G. Drutchas at the opening of the City Council meeting, Taylor, Michigan

O Gracious God: As this Taylor City Council meeting begins, bless us with your wise and caring spirit. Guide our Council members and participating citizens to use this time well to enhance the life of our city. Help us to set aside am acrimony so that all deliberations can be conducted with mutual respect even in the face of disagreement. Keep us mindful that cooperation is the found of accomplishment and compromise for honest purposes is not a sin. Amen.

February 1990

Invocation delivered by the Rev. Dr. Geoffrey G. Drutchas for a testimonial dinner celebrating Congressman William D. Ford's 25th anniversary as a member of the United States House of Representatives*

O God, generous creator and sustainer: As we gather this evening to honor a dedicated public servant and congressman and to support a scholarship established in his name, we ask your blessing upon the dinner we are about to share and upon the larger occasion of which this meal is but a part. Make of this night, dear God, a time in which all of us pause and reflect on how the social and political institutions of our nation can yet shape a better life for all citizens. If we have come to this gathering world-weary or beset by doubts about the future, nourish within whatever hope we need to believe that our committed labors do matter in the struggle to realize our society's highest ideals by the "art of the possible." And when this night is done and we prepare to depart along our separate ways, send us forth refreshed with courage and creative power to do justice and to love mercy in all things. Amen.

*Congressman William D. Ford was a life-time member of St. Paul United Church of Christ, Taylor

September 21, 1991

Invocation delivered by the Rev. Dr. Geoffrey G. Drutchas for an address by the Honorable Jurgen Molleman, Minister of Economics for the Federal Republic of Germany, at the Economic Club of Detroit

O God, Creator: From our lethargy and idle assumptions you shake us. Again and again, you make clear that you are not through with us yet. In the face of our resignation you call us to freedom and remind us that our human destiny is rich with possibilities for justice and loving-kindness: we need not be captives to the caprice and indignity of a pre-conceived fate. O God, guide us now to use wisely those opportunities to which you have awakened us. Grant us the foresight to look beyond selfish interests to the well-being of all so that our striving does not end in strife. As we gather today, deepen us in a sense of high purpose and hope that will enable us to outlast adversity and to build a future that is compassionate and sane. Amen.

September 27, 1993

Invocation delivered by the Rev. Dr. Geoffrey G. Drutchas for an address by the Honorable Robert B. Reich, United States Secretary of Labor, at the Economic Club of Detroit, Cobo Center

O Gracious God: By means of the Prophet Ezekiel you spoke your word onto us, promising to seek that which was lost, to restore that which was driven away; to bind up all that has stood broken; to strengthen now what was sick. On your promises we utterly depend... And yet we know, O God, that you have bestowed upon us gifts and resources to help, to heal, and to build a better world on our troubled, circling globe. Awaken us consciences, therefore, to the responsibilities that we have as your servant people. Enable us to bring heart and mind to bear on the many problems of our time. Widen our vision that we may see not merely our own interests but the needs of others as well. Grant us the moral stamina of spirit to prevail over our own cynicism, timidity, and selfish doubts so that with courage and compassion we may affirm and uphold the common good. Amen.

October 31, 1994

Invocation delivered by the Rev. Dr. Geoffrey G. Drutchas for an address by Congressman Howard Wolpe, Michigan Gubernatorial Candidate, at the Economic Club of Detroit

O God: In a world of confused and uncertain values show us what is just, honorable, and true. And in a time when so many would serve themselves first, help us to regain a personal humility and an integrity of purpose that we may be servants of your holy, creative will. In all things, O God, endue us with a vision of what should be, tempered and informed by intelligence, compassion, and commitment so that by our efforts and your supervening grace our life together as your people may know a future blessed with equity and peace. Amen.

May 21, 1995

Invocation delivered by the Rev. Dr. Geoffrey G. Drutchas for an address by Carla Hills, United States Ambassador for Trade, at the Economic Club of Detroit

O gracious God: On this circling globe to which the bang of your creativity gave birth, we are just beginning to discern what was always true-set amid the resplendent array of a vast, incomparable universe, this world is but a small place, people by those who are more similar than different in their human hopes and fears. In this wisdom now, O God, we ask for your continued guidance and blessing. Grant us the presence of mind and wideness of heart to transcend old prejudices and self-preoccupations that have kept us, your peoples, apart. Defying race, culture, nationality, and class, help us to forge a new common life for our planet that is uncommonly aware of our mutual dependence and need. By means of commerce and other endeavors of cooperation, empower and sustain us as we strive for a world more fair; a world more just; a world more prosperous, so that Your will and purposes, as proclaimed by prophets, may be fulfilled. Amen.

July 25, 1996

Invocation delivered by the Rev. Dr. Geoffrey G. Drutchas for an address by the Honorable Mickey Kantor, United States Secretary of Commerce, at the Economic Club of Detroit

Above the tumult and the strife; in the midst of the uncertainty and disorder of our times, we come to you, O God, an anxious and troubled people. The specter of Burundi haunts us; so too do the sudden and searing deaths of the innocent, robbed of life in airborne flight, now mourned by families. Evil and justice flourish; good does not yet prosper. We stand bereft of hope except for your guidance and your grace. O God, lead us anew in this hour and in the days to come. Against the tides of prejudice, hatred and violence strengthen us that we may stand firm and not be deterred from your creative purposes for our lives. Amid the commerce of nation s and the shared endeavors of everyday life, help us, O God, to find the means to both foster and serve the common good so that a world more equitable and compassionate may yet dawn for us all. Amen.

October 15, 1996

Invocation delivered by the Rev. Dr. Geoffrey G. Drutchas for an address by the Honorable Henry Cisneros, United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, at the Economic Club of Detroit

O God: We come to you this day asking you to give us "what it takes" to build anew a nation worthy of you and fit for all your people. Who can count all the bright plans and schemes that have beguiled us only to end in dashed dreams? We would not dare to hope if we did not know your greatness and your power to redeem what is broken and to restore what has been lost. Prosper us then, O God, in the world that lies so urgently ahead: May your grace bless and sustain us as we seek with fresh diligence to create from the shards and rubble of the past truly habitable cities and communities where all your people, whether humbled or exalted, may dwell without despair. Amen.

December 16, 1996

Invocation delivered by the Rev. Dr. Geoffrey G. Drutchas for an address by His Excellency Kunihiko Saito, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to the United States, at the Economic Club of Detroit

As we pause for prayer, let us remember the wise words of the 14th Century Buddhist Abbott Rennyo Shoshin: "What is amiss with others is easily seen; what is amiss with us, we are prone to miss."

O God, we come to you aware that we are not aware of all that you would have us know and see. We note the mote in our neighbor's eye but not our own. How easy it is to criticize others across boundaries and divides when we are blind to our own frailties and foibles. The lessons of history go unlearned. Even today self- righteousness and stubborn perfidy lead people and nations to the brink of conflict, if not the chaos beyond. Fed by prejudice and conceit, our lives as men and women are all too readily swept up and swept away in acrimony, back-biting, and hate. O God, help us. Renew us in a spirit of humility that we may discern the folly of our ways. Refresh us in a vision of a common human destiny where peace, mercy, and justice prevail. Grant us the wherewithal to work together with people of good-will everywhere that in a world yet amiss and confused we shall not miss your Kingdom's goal. Amen.

October 20, 1997

Invocation delivered by the Reverend Geoffrey G. Drutchas for an address by his Excellency Dr. Jawad Anani, Deputy Prime Minister, The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, at the Economic Club of Detroit

O God of all lands and nations: We come before you conscious of our frailties and the waywardness of this very world of which we are each part. Your people cry "Peace! Peace!" But there is no peace. Instead, tumult and conflict are our common lot, thwarting the hope and dreams that you have implanted in our hearts. O God, come to our help. Bring healing balm where distrust and dissension sunder and divide us. Enlarge our perspective that we might in wisdom grasp our essential brotherhood and sisterhood and thereby, according to your grace, find the means to live in peace and to work together for the lasting well-being of all. Amen.

May 4, 1998

Invocation delivered by the Reverend Geoffrey G. Drutchas for an address by Rodney E. Slater, United States Secretary of Transportation, at the Economic Club of Detroit

"O Lord, my God, thou art very great...who makest the clouds thy chariot, who ridest on the wings of the wind..." -Psalm 104:1-3

O God, who makes the clouds a chariot and who rides on the wings of the wind: we come into your presence as a people eager to race the skies with you. What was beyond imagination for us mere decades ago is now a daily possibility. No mountain is too high; no sea too vast for us to traverse. Modesty forgotten, we seem dazzled by the mobility of our lives and by our own mastery of space and speed. O God, as fast as we go, as far as we reach, remind us that we are human creatures till, who cannot escape from your dominion, nor from the responsibility to serve you in the world. If it is your will tat we should soar to dizzy heights and by alacrity of movement transform this circling planet into a global village, then keep us mindful of those who all our advances might leave behind to poverty, injustice, and want. Grant us the moral intelligence to appreciate that not even the ability to break the bounds of sound or travel the speed of light is more important than a heart-felt commitment on our part to love others and to uplift their lives, when and where we can, in your name. Amen.