Nursery Care

Sunday Morning Nursery Care Provided in New ‘Family Room’

St. Paul Family Room

Fulfilling a promise made to our young families from the first days of planning for a “Room with a View,” nursery care is now provided in the newly finished Family Room adjoining the narthex. Portable cribs and other child care equipment are ready for our young guests, with our nursery attendant Christine Schwab on hand to welcome them.  

Christine is enthusiastic about our nursery’s move, not only because of its immediate comfort and convenience for parents but also because it eliminates the need to climb up the stairs to the nursery area previously used—no easy feat with a baby in hand or a very young toddler in tow. A television monitor has been installed in the Family Room so that parents who remain with their child, whether briefly or for the duration of the service, can keep abreast of ongoing worship in the sanctuary. Likewise, a second television monitor was installed in the Ushers Room off the narthex for other church members who must step away from the service.  

With the move to the new nursery space, the use of Christian education pagers will be eliminated. Christine notes that most parents now simply leave their cell phone number with her so that they be quickly summoned by a simple text message.  

Our young church families were alerted by a special letter regarding the new nursery arrangements, encouraging them to check them out and make use of them on Sunday mornings. Our downstairs nursery facilities represent our continuing commitment to be a church for all generations.  Child care will be provided for all Sunday Worship Services (with the exception of Christmas).