Phase 1 Highlights

Phase 1 Highlights

St. Paul United Church of Christ, Taylor






1. New East Wing Addition Adjoining Narthex and Sanctuary

  • Approximately 469 square feet on same floor level as current narthex and sanctuary without need to climb or descend stairs for access.
  • Includes multi-purpose "family" room for bridal and funeral gatherings, as well as Sunday morning use as a nursery with easy access for young families with infants and toddlers.
  • Includes restroom, separate from the "family" room, for general use by all.

Added Benefits: New East Narthex Addition will eliminate need on Sunday mornings for difficult-to-find upstairs nursery and free up additional classroom space for other Christian education use.


2. New Pantry Addition Adjoining Kitchen and Fellowship Hall

  • Approximately 493 square feet on the same floor level as current kitchen and Fellowship Hall without need to climb or descend stairs for access.
  • Provides large new, clean, well-lighted space for efficient and convenient storage of food and kitchen equipment used in hosting church social functions, including Christian education events, Mother-Daughter banquet, funeral luncheons, and all-church fish and roast beef suppers.
  • New outdoor back entrance designed to facilitate easy transit of equipment and supplies between the new pantry, church kitchen, and Fellowship Hall.

Added Benefits: New Pantry Addition will allow consolidation of what is presently stored in a cramped kitchen pantry, a basement space under the Fellowship Hall stage, and on shelves in an upstairs audio room next to the stage.


3. Air-Conditioning of Sanctuary and East Narthex Addition

  • A large cooling unit mounted on a flat roof area adjacent to the sloped sanctuary roof will provide reliable indoor air-conditioning for the chancel, nave, and narthex.
  • A separate ground-level air-conditioning unit will service the new East Wing Addition off the narthex.

Added Benefits: The new air-conditioning units will supplement what is already available to cool the church parlor and offices. It will make our sanctuary more attractive for summer weddings and add to the comfort of church members and friends participating in Sunday morning worship services from May to September. Besides providing extra benefit to church members and friends who suffer from summertime allergies, an air-conditioned sanctuary and East Narthex "family" room will also reduce or eliminate disruptive noise from outdoor street and air traffic. The roof-top cooling unit for the sanctuary will not be visible.


4. New Utility Hook-Ups Servicing Entire Church Building

  • Installation of a new, larger water line to the church building servicing the church kitchen and all upstairs and downstairs lavatories, including the new lavatory in the East Narthex Addition.
  • Installation of a new power panel for the entire church building providing necessary electricity for the sanctuary and East Narthex addition air-conditioning units.

Added Benefits: The new utility hook-ups for water and electricity update those originally installed in 1948 and 1955-more than a half-century ago--when our present sanctuary and Christian Education wing were built. The new utility hook-ups will enhance the safety and security of our church building, decreasing the likelihood of any disruption to our services and programs. They will also provide all necessary water and power for future expansion of our facilities.


5. New Site Work and Landscaping

  • East Narthex and New Pantry Additions will be constructed in red brick with white trim maintaining the overall architectural integrity of our present Colonial Revival-style building.
  • New windows will be installed along the front of the church sanctuary facing the street to match the newly-constructed windows of the East Narthex Addition in order to retain uniformity of appearance from the street.
  • A new side-walk will be installed around the perimeter of the new East Narthex Addition re-connecting existing sidewalks along the east side and front of the church.
  • As required by the City of Taylor, additional landscaping will be added to the front of the church, especially in the vicinity of the new East Narthex Addition.

Added Benefits: The new site work and construction at the front and back of our church will eliminate only two parking spaces and will not alter the current horseshoe drive around our church building. It is in keeping with our congregation's Master Architectural Plan for building expansion. The fresh landscaping along the front of the church will further enhance our award-winning church grounds.